Access your data from anywhere!

The SmartTransmit is a transmitter module which allows you to transmit the recorded data from the data logger to your designated cloud. The positioning error of the on-board GPS is within 10 meters. Due to the weatherproof case it is suitable for long-term deployments in many environments and weather conditions. Due to external antenna connectors it is possible to connect the right antenna for your needs. There are two different technologies available to transmit data. The GSM Network has a good coverage worldwide, even in remote areas. Using the LoRaWAN Module is a good alternative in urban regions, since no SIM card is required, which means no additional costs.

Check out the example telemetry dashboard!


  • Check your devices from anywhere

  • Detect faulty systems early

  • Compact and rigid design

  • Weatherproof design

  • Changeable antenna port