The only data logger you will ever need!

Say goodbye to data logging hassles with our all-in-one solution, SmartSampler. This compact and automated logger platform is loaded with features to make your fieldwork a breeze. Its rugged and waterproof case ensures durability in any environment. With the ability to switch loads up to 120 W, it's designed to handle diverse applications. SmartSampler can effortlessly control various actuators, collect data from multiple sensors, and store it for future reference. Customize settings on the go and enjoy easy connectivity with modules like AquaMate or SmartTransmit.

Performance and compatibility

  • Wide input supply range to accommodate different power sources
  • Compatible with other brands for integration with existing systems
  • Huge on-board data storage (16 Gb) for extended periods of data collection
  • High analog precision with an accuracy of approximately 0.61 mV and input range of 0 ~ 5V

Compact and durable design

  • Weatherproof (IP 67)
  • Travel sized aluminum case (20*12*7 cm, 2.5 kg)
  • Revers polarity protection with indicator
  • Fused outputs to protect against overcurrent or short-circuiting

User friendly

  • On-board Real-Time Clock (RTC) for accurate timekeeping
  • Illuminated On/Off switch for easy operation even in all conditions
  • Bayonet connectors for easy and secure installation
  • Firmware updates down the track
  • Low maintenance