Say goodbye to manual water sampling

Our compact and weatherproof AquaMate is designed for easy carry and travel. With the ability to collect up to 12 discrete water samples per module, and the option to use up to 5 modules with one data logger SmartSampler, you can collect up to 60 samples in total. Sampling can be triggered by time, events measured via sensor (e.g., water level) or remote using our data transmitter SmartTransmit. Designed to use lure lock syringes (10 – 200 ml) as sample containers, the AquaMate ensures sealed samples, with the flexibility to fill bigger containers via tubes. A filter can be easily plugged in front of each sample, and the inline mounted filter (50 mesh = 297 microns) extends filter capacity and protects the sampler from solids. The WaterSampler is flushed before each sample to minimize cross contamination, and an external pump is required for water supply. Enjoy the convenience, portability, and efficiency of our AquaMate .

  • Flexible sample size
  • High sampling capacity - up to 60 samples
  • Prefiltered samples
  • Compact and rigid design (28*25*13 cm, 3 kg)
  • Weatherproof (IP 67)
  • Fast setup