Smart Sampler Solutions offers custom made sample and logging solutions designed to make your next field trip easier; and of course you can use them in the lab as well. Special attention was paid to the design of the product to make them compact and weatherproof but also user friendly. The general idea is to always use the same controller (SmartSampler) and connect modules to expand the functionality. The SmartSampler brings everything what a data logger needs. The huge storage space of 16 GB allows you to store years of data. You can switch on the connected sensors only if you need them and store the data easily for a later download. Due to different connector styles it is not possible to make wrong connection and additionally the system is reverse polarity protected in case you mix up the wires to the battery.

It is possible to install modules up to 500 meters away from the SmartSampler. We can give you advice on which sensors work out of the box with our system, but in general it should be possible to connect many different brands and technologies at the same time.

The first prototypes were installed end of 2020 in Australia. Those systems are equiped with real time data transmitter. Check the following link to see more. (Link to dashboard)

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Imagine your application in a block diagram. Every function can be pictured as a block which connects to our main data logger/controller (SmartSampler). We call those blocks modules. The idea of using the same controller for all of your projects or applications doesn't only make life easier for you, it also saves you money! Simply combine different modules to generate a new application.
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Of course we also offer accessories for our products so you can extend the functionality or make your installation permanent with mounting kits. In case you like to connect more than one sensor to a specific port you can use a distributor from the DistriSensor series to get more ports.


Our Data logger/Controller platform enables you not only to control sensors but also up to 7 Actors, like pumps, valves or motors, at the same time. We will support you in finding the right parts for your application.

Data Logger

SmartSampler, data logger

Maybe the only data logger (SmartSampler) you will ever need. This is the controller for all our modules. Connect the modules you need, configure the controller with our GUI and start sampling. Switch pumps, valves or other actors and log data at the same time.

Data Transmitter

data transmitter

The transmitter module (SmartTransmit) allows you to transmit the collected data from sensors to your telemetry, so you can access and check it from everywhere. Just connect it to the SmartSampler and you are ready to go.

Automated Sampler

water sampler

Connect automated samplers like our WaterSampler to the controller. Take samples for time series or connect a sensor as well to take event-based samples. Of course everything will be logged onto the SmartSampler to make it easy for you to know which sample was taken at which time and sensor values.


The SmartSampler exists out of many different sensor ports to enable it to connect a wide variety of different brands and styles. The calibration of analog sensors can be easily done through the data logger.

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