Optimize your fieldwork efficiency with custom-made sample and logging devices from Smart Sampler Solutions!

At the heart of our system is our data logger/controller, SmartSampler, which offers unmatched performance and versatility. Connect SmartSampler with a wide range of modules, including sensors, transmitters, pumps, valves, and motors from different brands. With only one data logger/controller to manage, you can simplify your workflow, increase your efficiency, and save money.

SmartSampler is compatible with a wide range of sensors available on the market, giving you the flexibility to choose the sensors that best meet your requirements. With a massive 16 GB storage space, SmartSampler can store years of data, eliminating the need for frequent data transfer. Plus, with the ability to install modules up to 500 meters away, you can easily customize your setup to fit your specific needs.

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Imagine your application in a block diagram. Every function can be pictured as a block which connects to our main data logger/controller (SmartSampler). We call those blocks modules. The idea of using the same controller for all of your projects or applications doesn't only make life easier for you, it also saves you money! Simply combine different modules to generate a new application.
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To further enhance your setup, we provide a range of accessories, including mounting kits and distributor options from the DistriSensor series to increase the number of sensor ports. Check them out!


SmartSampler allows you to control up to 18 actuators, such as pumps, valves, or motors, simultaneously. Check out the MultiPlexer!

Data Logger

SmartSampler, data logger

Say goodbye to complicated setups and multiple data loggers. SmartSampler is the all-in-one solution you've been searching for. With its ability to connect and control multiple modules, SmartSampler simplifies your data logging process. Configure it easily with our intuitive GUI and connect the modules you need to customize your setup.

Data Transmitter

data transmitter

Our SmartTransmit module enables convenient data transmission to your telemetry for remote access and monitoring.

Automated Sampler

water sampler

You can connect automated samplers like our WaterSampler for time-series or event-based sampling with sensor integration, and all settings and data will be logged onto the SmartSampler for easy tracking.


With multiple sensor ports and easy calibration options, SmartSampler can connect to a wide variety of analog sensors from different brands.

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