Software SmartConfig

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  • Version V1.1.7
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  • Create Date August 4, 2022
  • Last Updated February 18, 2024

Software SmartConfig



  • added SDI-12 support


  • added EXO wipe button


  • added output 4 support


  • added "gravity drained" option to the System configuration


  • added changebale write speed setting for reading the datalog file
    • for bigger files it is recommended to use the slowest setting


  • added SDI-12 to RS-232 Adapter support in Sensor settings
  • added warm up time in main window (advanced switched on)
  • show all settings in the custom command field


  • changed apperance of the RS-232 sensor tab
  • added general tab in the Module window to selevt connected modules
    • enables the SmartSampler from version 0.1.2 to communicate also with SmartTransmit v0.0.8 and below


  • Software will start in "Basic" mode
    • basic controls for increased clarity
    • can be switched to advanced controls anytime
  • Added EXO / RS-232 support
  • Added Low Voltage threshold to save power if drops below this voltage
  • Added colour coded start/stop button


  • Main improvements
    • improved user experience
    • important buttons are now in the Menu bar
    • replaced check box with "fancy" toggle switch
    • changed coloring for information's, only serious errors should be red
    • renamed multiple labels for better understanding
    • added default file names for save dialog, pattern: SERIALNUMBER_DATE_FILENAME
    • moved time/RTC sync to main tab
    • changed 1st trigger to "start time", moved settings for delayed start to basics tab
    • added some tool tips while hovering over stuff which might be unclear
  • fixed shifting on windows size change
  • unsaved changes should be now recognized and prompt a message box for the user
  • Sensors window
    • moved "input" connector side to sensors
    • only one toggle switch on basics for showing whether it is on or off
    • double click on specific port will direct to specific tab
  • Output
    • added message box for PWM switching with warning
    • added first draft for output modules


  • new
    • minor visual updates
    • use of toggle switches instead of check box
  • added
    • basic feedback information's for modules
    • Auto update switch to disable automatic communication
    • show process of downloaded file


  • added
    • calibration for port "Out4"
    • fine tuning off output ports
    • support of 18 outputs


  • Initial upload.

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