Firmware SmartSampler

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  • Version V0.2.0
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  • Create Date August 3, 2022
  • Last Updated November 30, 2023

Firmware SmartSampler


  • added output 4 support


  • added "gravity drained" option to use all outputs for pumping


  • faster update of values
  • fixed RS232 variable naming


  • added posibility to use differnt sd file save speeds for larger data files


  • start sampler automaticly after 10 minutes without receiving a command


  • reduced save speed of datalog file in order to safely store file to selected location


  • added SDI-12 to RS-232 Adapter support
    • valid SDI addresses from 0 to 9
  • added daily reset option
    • reset the sampler every 24h after it started
  • improved GPS update
  • Multiplexer can now also be controlled by PWM


  • added Power Save mode if voltage drops below threshold
    • decreases pump time by 2
    • increases interval time by 2


  • can now communicate also with SmartTransmit firmwaer V0.0.8 and below
  • SmartConfig Version 1.1.1 and above needed to setup connected modules


  • Fixed communication issue with EXO 2/RS-232
  • Firmware compatible with SmartTransmit firmware 0.0.9 and above

V0.1.0 beta

  • Fixed communication issue with old SmartTransmit firmware (below 0.0.9)
  • Fixed communication issue with EXO 2/RS-232


  • minor improvements


  • changed warm up time from seconds into minutes
  • added ability to update SmartTransmit firmware via network
    • 10 minutes timeout for updating firmware
  • added power save mode
    • switch off connected devices if supply voltage drops below threshold
  • added EXO support
  • changed power save settings
    • will save power for each ticked option


  • use the warm up time also for all sensors
  • read all the sensors for set time to eliminate false readings in datalog


  • fixed problem with Leadmed Multiprobe
    • buffer was used the wrong way, did count each time we shiffeted data into the buffer
  • print now back the incoming data from Leadmed Multiprobe without buffering


  • added warm up time before the actual sample process
    • enables the transmitter to connect to the server
    • restart transmitter during sampling as often as it takes to establish connection
    • improved connection time


  • Improved analog reading accuracy
  • switch on RS-485 power supply if a RS-485 device has been selected

V0.0.3 beta

  • bug fix module communication


  • added basic debug information from transmitter
  • updated the data handling for the latest Leadmed multi sensor
  • bug fix
    • data download issue


  • added functions
    • Up to 18 power ports can now be switched
    • increase communication speed between SmartSampler and SmartTransmit
      • transmitter must have at least firmware V0.0.1
    • LED will now also blink for debug purposes


  • Minor bug fixes
    • fixed restart on high data update rates
  • added functions
    • added basic information stream to transmitter
    • fine tuning of the power outputs now possible
    • updates settings over transmitter


  • Initial upload.

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